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Lupin Seeds for Sprouting
Lupin Seeds for Sprouting


Australian Sweet Lupins can be germinated to make a big crispy sprouts for use as a vegetable.  Australian Sweet Lupin sprouts out perform soybean and mung bean sprouts on the following properties:

Higher sprout yield:  Australian Sweet Lupin produces 7.5 kg sprouts per kg of seed. This is in comparison with soybean or mung bean which produce 5 kg sprouts per kg of seed.
Better sensory qualities:  The diameter and length of Australian Sweet Lupin sprouts are larger than soybean sprouts; the color and freshness of Australian Sweet Lupin sprouts are excellent, contributing to very high consumer appeal.
No lateral roots:  Australian Sweet Lupin sprouts have no lateral hairy roots even when fully developed, this is in contrast with soybean sprouts which rely on chemical treatments to inhibit the lateral roots.
Better taste:  Australian Sweet Lupin sprouts have a crispier texture than soybean sprouts as well as a lower ‘beany’ flavor.  This difference is particularly evident after boiling, making the Australian Sweet Lupin sprout ideal for traditional Chinese “Huoguo” (Ր锅) cooking.
Source of isoflavones (nutraceuticals): Australian Sweet Lupin sprouts are an excellent source of isoflavones a group of molecules often referred to as ‘phytoestrogens’. Research from various sources indicates that consumption of isoflavones may play a role in lowering risk for disease.  Isoflavones are natural antioxidants.  The isoflavones diadzein and genistein may improve bone health by conserving calcium and thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.