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California Lupini Beans
California Lupini Beans


Lupini is the Italian name for lupin beans. Our California lupin bean is smaller than its Italian counterpart and therefore higher in protein. Just like its Italian Lupini counterpart, the bean is fully cooked and packed in a brine solution. '˜Lupini' in brine are fully cooked and ready to eat.

They have a wide range of application- Used in hot or cold salads will add high nutrition plant-protein. If preferred, the loose skin is easily removed to leave a crunchy addition to the salad. Simply as a nice crunchy natural snack. Add to your favorite soup recipe. Lupini beans are native to Italy dating back to the Romans and are a staple of today's Mediterranean cuisine.

California Lupini beans offer a good source of plant protein and dietary fiber. 100 grams of dry California* Lupini beans contain over 36 grams of protein, 37 grams of dietary fiber and the full range of amino acids. *USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Rel. 23 and de Bin (2006)

Lupin is -
Gluten Free
High Protein
Rich in Dietary Fiber and Minerals
Prebiotic for Improved Bowel Health
High Rate of Digestion
Low in Fat
100% Pure Plant Origin

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