About Lupin

Lupin is uniquely high in protein (up to 40%) and dietary fibre (30%) low in fat (6%) and contains minimal starch and therefore has a very low Glycemic Index (GI).  In terms of nutritional and health benefits on offer, lupin seed is an attractive ‘GM free’ alternative to soybeans. 

The protein and fibre components of lupin have excellent functional properties in food laboratory studies.  Lupin, in various processed forms, is included in a range of highly palatable bread and baked goods, meat products and beverages.
However the most exciting story to emerge in recent years is lupin’s amazing attributes with regard to health and in particular obesity and the metabolic syndrome which includes a cluster of factors such as high blood pressure, insulin resistance and elevated blood cholesterol.

Lupin enriched foods deliver on:

Keeping you feeling full longer
Subjects reported a significant decrease in hunger between meals. 

Controlling blood sugar levels
Lupin flour inclusion into white bread significantly reduced the blood glucose response and the insulin response.

Improving blood cholesterols
Lupin fibre acts as a soluble fibre and drops total cholesterol without affecting the HDL cholesterol.
Lupin proteins have also been shown to beneficially modify serum lipid profiles by stimulating liver cells to take up and degrade LDL cholesterol.

Lowering blood pressure
Lupins are one of the best natural sources of the amino acid – arginine, which is thought to improve blood vessel performance.  Recent studies indicated that including lupin in the diet assists with hypertension.

Pre-biotics for Improve bowel health
Lupin foods reduce transit time, lower the colon pH and act as a ‘pre-biotic’.

Very high source of fibre

Gluten free

Non GM