About Us

Our Mission 

“To be recognized as a leader in bringing healthy, nutritious food to the marketplace in a socially and environmentally responsible manner”.

Lopino® was first created as a brand name in Germany and registered in Europe in 1995. Lopino Foods, Inc is expanding the Lopino® brand in the United State of America.

Lopino Foods is the world’s largest manufacturer of plant protein lupin bean products.

Lopino Foods’ products have as its main ingredients Gluten Free - Non-GMO sweet lupin beans. Sweet Lupins offers a superior nutritional profile over any other plant protein.

Gluten Free - suitable to use in gluten-free food products and therefore suitable for people suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Almost free of purine and therefore suitable for persons with enhanced uric acid levels.

Our Commitment 

Lopino Foods is a strong supporter of Non-GMO ingredients and the Non- GMO Project. We are concerned about the effects genetically modified organism will have on our generation and the generations to come.

“Our commitment is to provide food ingredients the way nature has intended!”

Our Philosophy 

We view a consistent effort to make healthy food choices as the most sensible approach to achieving optimum health and quality of life. It is with this proven strategy that a goal towards better overall health through a diet
which includes the highest quality ingredients and trusted food sources can be achieved.

Our History 

In 1995 - Lopino® became the registered brand name for the ‘tofu-like’ fresh protein ‘LOPINO’. The patented process to produce Lopino was held by Lupina GmbH in Germany. Today, Lopino Foods, Inc holds majority interest in Lupina, Germany.

Lupina GmbH introduced Lopino at the largest Organic Food Show in Frankfurt in 1995. That year, the show awarded Lupina the ‘Most Innovative Food-of-the-Year Award’ .

Our Products 

Lopino Foods, Inc has developed products ready to go to market.

Our People 

Our people have twenty years-plus of know-how and hands-on experience in processing lupin beans, develop food products with lupin bean protein and market lupin-base products.

Through our association with Irwin Valley Pty Ltd in Australia, Lopino Foods, Inc benefits from the extensive scientific research conducted and published by the University of Western Australia on the application of lupin protein in food.

Founders of Lopino Foods, Inc and their function -